ISO 14001 Audit

An ISO 14001 audit is an essential part of implementing the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS). Our audit checklist will help you:

  • Ensure your organisation’s EMS is ISO 14001 compliant
  • Verify that your organisation is taking suitable action to meet the ISO standard
  • Address any issues you have with the ISO 14001 framework
  • Identify ways to improve your implementation of the standard

This is why auditing is an important part of our ISO 14001 certification process. We will arrange for a qualified ISO 14001 auditor to check that your organisation is following the procedures in your Environmental Management manual. Once you have achieved certification, you will need a fresh audit each year. This is to ensure your manual remains up to date and that you continue to benefit from the ISO 14001 system.

Creating an ISO 14001 audit checklist

Developing and implementing an effective EMS involves a number of activities. You can either develop your own audit checklist or use the QMS ISO 14001 checklist below. This sets out what you need to do to develop and implement your ISO 14001 EMS.

1. Ensure senior managers commit to helping develop, implement and manage your EMS.
Identify the human, financial and physical resources you will need, and then allocate roles and responsibilities.

2. Define the scope of your EMS; this includes identifying the products, services and activities it covers and anything that it excludes.

3. Complete an initial review (gap analysis) of your environmental management activities and procedures – but assess the amount of detail required before commissioning the review.

4. Integrate your current environmental management activities and procedures into your ISO 14001 EMS.
Plan to develop and implement the EMS systematically – you need to do this before you can achieve ISO 14001 certification. 

5. Your plans should include:

      • Implementation requirements
      • Education and training requirements
      • Internal audits
      • Time to complete all actions
      • Time to run the system
      • Record collection to demonstrate implementation and continual improvement.

7. You should develop your ISO 14001 EMS using the ISO 14004 standard on environmental management systems. The ISO 14004 standard provides guidance on the principles, systems and support techniques needed to implement an EMS.

8. Identify whether your organisation has the skills and resources to develop an ISO 14001 EMS internally or whether you need to outsource its development to an ISO qualified consultant. Remember to choose an experienced consultant who specialises in environmental management systems, including risk management.

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