QMS Connect

Your all-in-one ISO Management System Platform

ISO implementation, compliance and access - made easy for your business

QMS Connect is your essential ISO Management System solution. An accessible online system designed to help you implement, manage and stay compliant with ISO Standards.

What is QMS Connect?

QMS Connect delivers all the tools you need to achieve and maintain ISO compliance.

  1. Web based, integrated system - All information relating to your management system is stored in one secure, cloud-based platform, providing easy access for users across your business, regardless of time and physical location.
  2. System and document management - Documented processes can easily be located, updated or downloaded within the tailored, process-based management system. Add commentary, view audit reports and contracts, manage version control and electronically add your signature to approved documents, as required.
  3. Task/project management - You can view and edit an unlimited number of tasks within QMS Connect, with automated reminders and task escalation, helping you to ensure individual accountability.
  4. Company information and user management - QMS Connect puts you in the driving seat. You can manage company information online including contact and site details, as well as inviting new users to the system with customisable permissions.
  5. Templates and automation - Record key information relating to your management systems by using templates from the pre-configured template library or by securely uploading your own, direct from your desktop. Supplied templates can be customised with your own fonts and logos.
  6. Query management and support - The integrated ticketing system allows you to raise queries from within the QMS Connect platform, making it easier to get the professional support you need, when you need it.

How working with QMS helps businesses like yours

Why choose QMS Connect?

QMS Connect comes with many benefits:

Compliant - QMS Connect helps you create comprehensive audit trails which provide insight into the history of records created, modified, archived, electronically signed and transmitted.

Secure - QMS Connect is a secure centralised repository where you can control users access, benefit from automated version control and ensure accurate, up-to-date documents are in use.

Interactive - Set specific responsibilities for team members, in real-time, improving the management of ISO operational tasks, while ensuring you receive notifications when they are completed.

Dynamic - Easily access your documentation at the click of a button, adapting the content to incorporate new processes and products as you need them.

Supportive - You can easily connect with the experts at QMS via the integrated support ticket system or, if preferred, utilise our substantial library of useful guides, videos and documents - all of which can be customised to suit your business needs.

Our QMS Connect benefits leaflet explains more about how using a Management System Platform can benefit your business.

QMS Connect is compatible with all ISO Standards including:

How much does QMS Connect cost?

The cost of QMS Connect is included within the annual fee for ISO Certification through QMS International.

To find out how affordable our ISO certification service is, just use our Fee Calculator and we’ll email you a bespoke quote immediately.

If you already have a management system in place and are simply looking to transition this on to QMS Connect, please send an email detailing your requirements to: connectup@qmsuk.com. 

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